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Westech Quality

Building Dependability by Comprehensive Oversight


Westech ULC quality control officers are constantly on the job ensuring full quality compliance from the receipt of incoming raw materials, throughout the extrusion process and finally on the finished profile extrusions. PVC resin and other micro ingredients are checked to ensure ongoing compliance with Westech’s rigid performance standards before acceptance and receipt at our production facilities. The proprietary blended extrusion compounds are formulated to exacting specifications and are analyzed during pre-extrusion testing for molecular fusion, temperature and pressure. Extruded profile samples are routinely cut and examined “online” for color, gloss, radius and dimension integrity and tested “offline” for impact resistance, thermal stability and weathering performance.


Westech dock, panel, window and door systems are tested for design effectiveness. Other specialized products are designed to accommodate snow loads and resist wind and surf uplifts. Westech’s Product Development Group gives complete consideration and deliberately complies with national and international safety and product performance codes - establishing new performance benchmarks for the industry. You can rely on Westech’s in-house testing and Quality Assurance protocols to ensure consistent production and supply of well performing systems. When you demand the best, you demand Westech.

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