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Deck Lok Systems


Deck Lok systems are built with a sturdy, patented connection system — so you’ll have an exceptionally reliable deck that can withstand your everyday lifestyle with ease. Engineered practicality also comes in Deck Lok plank’s attractive woodgrain look, which provides a nonslip surface for added safety. Our uniquely designed locking system adds ease of installation and durability for heavy loads,while keeping planks tucked tightly together.

Click here to find out more about the water shedding installation method.

Unlike wood, Deck Lok systems are virtually maintenance-free. They do not require staining or painting, they won’t splinter and they stay cool to the touch for year-round comfort.




cool to the touch     Deck_Beauty_Shot_High_Res    

Decking-e6     DeckLok_Driftwood_CC_resize    

DeckLok_Planks_CC     DeckLok_Sandalwood_CC

DeckLok_Trim_CC     iStock_000003425265_Mapped_flt_CC    

iStock_000004614248_Mapped_flt     Non_Splintering_High_Res    

Scratch_Resistant_High_Res     scratch-resistant

Stain_Resistant_High_Res     Stain_Resistant_Wine_High_Res    

SuperStock_1527R     Westech-0198_High_Def_High