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EAS-e™ Interlocking PVC Panels

Eas-e Full size



Our EAS-e™ Panels are environmentally friendly and utilized recycled material which we capture and process in our own facility. By using EAS-e™ Panels you will bring your operation closer to sustainability. The structure allows for adaptability and offers 12” and 16” widths. Designs include the EAS-e™ Original, EAS-e™ Original Grooved, EAS-e™ Reversible and EAS-e™ Goliath Panel, this adaptability allows for many applications. Our EAS-e™ Panel PVC cladding product features a structure that results in a high degree of strength and versatility for easy (EAS-e™ ) installation.

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➤ Environmentally friendly

➤ EAS-e™ installation, no exposed fasteners

➤ Light reflective

➤ Waterproof, rust-proof

➤ Chemical resistance

➤ Resistant in agricultural, industrial and commercial applications

➤ Flame resistant (Class A)



➤ Indoor Agriculture Facilities

➤ Agriculture Storage (fertilizer, feed)

➤ Custodial Rooms

➤ Farms

➤ Manufacturing

➤ Industrial Buildings

➤ Food Processing, Cold Storage, Meat Processing

➤ Chemical Processing Plants

➤ Laboratories

➤ Vehicle Washes (car, trucks and RVs)

➤ Workshops

➤ Kennels

➤ Marinas, Fisheries