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We invite our customers, dealers, installers and architects to immerse themselves in the information provided below. We have made available all of our marketing materials, individual product warranties, installation instructions as well as code reports and certified designs. If you are unable to locate what you need please contact Debra Cameron-MacKinnon at 403-203-7492 or dcmackinnon@westechbp.com.

Vinyl Fence Systems
(NEW!) Forest Collection Fence System Brochure PDF
 Vinyl Fence Systems Brochure PDF
Privacy Fence Brochure PDF
Ranch Sell Sheet PDF
Westech Assortment Guide

VinylGard Railing Systems
e-Rail Sell Sheet PDF
e-Rail System Drawings
Quantum Sell Sheet
Quantum System Drawings
Reliant Brochure PDF
Reliant System Drawings
Sentinel Brochure PDF
Sentinel System Drawings

Brock Dock/Deck Lok
(NEW!)Deck Lok Brochure PDF
(NEW!)Brock Dock Brochure PDF

Window & Door Systems
Window Brochure PDF
Euro Window and Door Brochure PDF

Installation Instructions
(NEW!)Brock Dock Installation Instructions
(NEW!)Deck Lok Installation Instructions
Brock Dock Installation Instructions - Stair Guide
Deck Lok Water Shedding Installation Instructions
e-Rail Installation Instructions
e-Rail Stair Kit Installation Instructions
e-Rail 45 Adapter Installation

Quantum Rail Installation Instructions
Quantum Stair Kit Installation Instructions
Reliant Rail Installation Instructions

Reliant Step Installation Instructions
Sentinel Rail Installation Instructions
Sentinel Step Installation Instructions

Warranty Documents
Westech Fence Warranty
VinylGard Warranty

Brock Dock Warranty
Deck Lok Warranty

Certifications & Code Reports
CCRR-0148 Code Report
CCRR- 0200 - Deck Lok
Westech PVC Railings Sealed
Deck Board Span Rating
Material Type Sound Comparison
Railing Drawings with AB Stamp
Sound Fence Test
Miami- Dade NOA Certified Design
Miamidade NOA section find drawings
Westech Fence and Deck Product Summary
Westech Window and Door Product Summary

CA Certifications
Deck Board Span Rating
PVC Railings
Material Type Sound Comparison
Sound Transmission Testing

Terms and Conditions
Westech Terms and Conditions

TruGrain Installation Instructions

TruGrain Installation Guidelines Presentation
TruGrain Decking Full Installation Guide
TruGrain Decking Full Installation Guide - Spanish Version
TruGrain Dock Full Installation Guide
Resysta Hollow Profile Full Installation Guide 
TruGrain Porch Board Full Installation Guide
TruGrain Siding Full Installation Guide
TruGrain Siding Full Installation Guide - Spanish Version

TruGrain Warranty

TruGrain Warranty


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